Food to Match the Wine

The first thing that catches the eye when entering the Ribe is a wine rack as wide as the wall and as tall as the ceiling. The wine selection here is unquestionably among Tallinn’s best. The front room, fitted out as a wine bar with a few taller bar tables, is worth visiting when your appetite is sated but a glass of a rare and intriguing wine would hit the spot. The kitchen at the Ribe, located downstairs and in the very back, has spent the last thirteen years sending remarkably good food upstairs. Helmed by different chefs, the food has taken on different aspects over time, but it has invariably provided excellent pairings with the wines. The Ribe offers a short a la carte menu and two head chef’s menus, one of which is vegetarian. There are multiple recommended wine pairings for each menu option. Particularly long-standing customers prefer to try two different wines with each dish. The Ribe is well on its way to make food to complement the wine, rather than vice versa.