Restaurant Gospa – a pioneer once again

Gospa was the first spa in Estonia, as before that we only had sanatoriums. The opening of Restaurant Gospa changed perceptions of food. Previously, not much attention was given to the fact that food is a part of health. Healthy food may as well have been the opposite of tasty food.

Restaurant Gospa joined health and delicious favours, which everyone immediately enjoyed. There were many that followed Gospa’s lead and, for a while, the restaurant fell into the background.

Now, however, they are back to pioneer the trail and be a role model in new directions. Gospa uses the raw material closest to them when preparing food and inspires other dining establishments on the island to do the same. The chefs of Gospa themselves have witnessed the growth of the raw material used in their kitchen, the best farmers on the island are known personally, and the list of suppliers is never finished.