Food: 30/40

Rannahotell’s restaurant is a picnic on the beach

Rannahotell’s restaurant is located right where the sand of the Pärnu beach ends, which is something many are envious of. In the summer, when the weather is good, people literally have to fight for their place on the terrace of the restaurant. At any other time, the weather will provide an atmospheric background to lunch and dinnertime.

In many respects, Rannahotell and its restaurant are representative of Pärnu and the entire country of Estonia. The hotel was founded in 1937 and it has been renovated and reopened three times since. The president of Estonia has attended each of these events.

The dishes served at the restaurant are prepared while keeping in mind the aforementioned status. The menu, however, is a short one. It consists of five appetisers, five main courses, and five desserts and all of these dishes are presented in a festive, sometimes even slightly snobbish manner. The quail consommé consists of simple and well-known ingredients, such as quail, potatoes, and carrots. However, when served together with a quail’s heart and presented strikingly, this otherwise simple dish becomes special in a way that is distinctive only to Rannahotell. This might seem strange for a first time visitor but it is one the aspects that have given a good name to the hotel.