Rannahotell Restaurant

Unrivalled in Half of Europe?

The Pärnu Rannahotell is one of Estonia’s most impressive hotels. Its opening caused local newspapers to claim that the hotel „is unrivalled in half of Europe“. The octogenarian hotel has gone through good times and bad, from waxwork museum-like quiet to the brightest limelight. The restaurant has always had a significant part in its ups and downs. Nowadays, the majority of the guests knows the building like the back of their hand. Their return, and recommendation, tends to depend on the experience offered by the restaurant. The key members of the kitchen staff are among the youngest in Estonia, but this does not translate into inexperience. The elegant functional milieu is matched with dishes whose presentation and flavour palette alike boldly demand attention. They are paired with lesser-known drinks well worth discovering. The hard-won status of the best restaurant in town seems irrelevant. It is clear that they are aiming to surpass half of Europe, and why not the other half while they’re at it. With dishes such as the „Vegetable Patch“, where the „bread soil“ grows parsley and radish watered in whey-cream sauce. Nor does the apple-celery soup with goat’s milk and wood sorrels disappoint the European palate. The restaurant drags the hotel into yet another period of vivid youth, of never looking back while proudly going forth. The Rannahotelli restaurant is poised to be the talk of the town. And it is always preferable to be able to join in.