You’ll Always Come Back to Raimond

Raimond is akin to a magnet attracting those in the know to Pärnu. Its allure, completed by the Hedon spa and hotel and the nearby monument to Raimond Valgre, where the Estonian composer, cast in metal and seated on a stone bench, plays his timeless tunes on accordion, creates a nostalgic emotion whose pull no Estonian heart can resist. After the unique appeal of the quiet spa, with Valgre’s melancholic tunes in the background, the Raimond makes it easy to fancy the composer himself walking in to take his dinner. The times have changed, though. The music is different. And so is the food. Perhaps he would pick a G&T to start off a dinner at his eponymous restaurant. No doubt, he would opt for a local craft gin, and revel in the anticipation of the novel offerings the head chef Marko Lumera’s tasting menu has in stock. The Raimond is influencing Pärnu’s dining fashion just like the composer’s work helped create the special Pärnu atmosphere. It is not what was offered last time that matters. It is only the here and now that counts. And thus, in anticipation of new flavours and new experiences, you’ll make your way back to the restaurant Raimond. Like the song of Raimond Valgre’s that dreamed of meeting again.