Telliskivi 60/2 I-hoone, 10412 Tallinn
+372 6150544

A Book Shop with a Restaurant – Or Vice Versa

It is rare that Estonia, small as it is, features something entirely unique. The Telliskivi Rahva Raamat – a book shop with a restaurant – is one such find (at least for now). Traditional Estonian table manners insist that dinner is for eating. That’s all. No time for reading newspapers, never mind books, and certainly not for idle chatter. As far as conversation goes, though, the mores have become more permissive over time. Not yet for books. And the Rahva Raamat is not really out to change the culture. But the bookshelves create an unexpected, almost solemn milieu. Food is serious business, and so is the brain food at the book store. And thus, the two make a good match. Eating while surrounded by knowledge is a new and peculiar experience. The menu is like the list of the books in the store. Extremely long as far as current food trends go, and (overly?) varied. But it fits the circumstances. Every book has its readers. Every dish has its eaters. In the Telliskivi area, where restaurants jostle for elbow space, the Rahva Raamat is never short on clients. Quite the opposite. Additional seating areas are coming. It remains to be seen whether dining in a book shop becomes customary.