Lüganuse vald, Ida-Virumaa
+372 514 6774

Purtse is for weekend getaways

Purtse fortress has a long and diverse history and it is open to visitors during the winter only on Saturdays and Sundays. The fortress has a restaurant, which glorifies beer. The selection of craft beers in the restaurant is wide and even exotic in some parts. These beverages fit well with its harsh and rocky interior.

Purtse has finally also begun to brew its own beer and the first ones are ready. Their beer is supposed to taste of a tough life lived in a tough environment.

In spite of all the previously mentioned, Purtse should not be considered merely a meeting place for beer lovers. The fortress has a story of its own, which is spellbinding and learning that story is the most important part of the Purtse experience. As the fortress is located in a rather remote place, it takes a whole day out of the weekend to get there, learn about the place, as well as have time to enjoy the food and drinks. Nevertheless, this day will most certainly be a fun one!