Estonia’s East and West

Throughout time, the East and the West have been symbols of different lifestyles and contradictions. Even here, in our small Estonia. The robust craft beer from Ida-Viru County, brewed in the midst of a stark industrial landscape, has made its nest in the hometown of Pippi Longstocking, in the delicately lacy and coffee-flavoured city of Haapsalu in western Estonia. Even the two words in the name of the pub – Purtse and Gastro – at first seemed as far from each other as East and West. But they were brought together into a proper gastropub – in more than just the name. Here, garlic bread is a small home-made loaf of dark bread covered in garlic and cheese sauce. The crispy pig ears are incredibly moreish and the main dishes come in huge servings. The smoky pork ribs would definitely feed two or even more, but you would ideally want to keep all the flavour just to yourself. The contradictory co-existence of the East and the West here also means that you can easily forego the beer for a glass of champagne. By its quality, the food here is from the West, while the service is from the East.
All in all, it never gets boring.