The Restaurant of the Three Talents

The Puri is a two-in-one restaurant. The à la carte side is good for day-to-day dining and the Chef’s Side for culinary experiences. Its opening made for a long wait. It was the talk of the town when the building in the Haven Kakumäe marina was nothing but a gleam in the architect’s eye. The message that perhaps the most talented young chef in Estonia, Joonas Koppel, would finally open his own restaurant, aroused intense curiosity. And the wait paid off well. When the doors of the restaurant finally opened, they revealed three talents instead of one: Joonas; the sommelier Kristjan Kiho in the dining hall; and the bartender Oleg Smirnov at the bar. The harbour structure stands out at a distance. The effect is only amplified indoors. Snow white stairs lead to a first floor, in dramatic black, where the restaurants are located. The views to the marina and over the sea are stunning. The atmosphere builds the expectations for the food and drink especially high. The first conversation with the server, on aperitifs, and the head chef’s welcome quash any doubt. The flavours will more than match the milieu. Joonas Koppel’s dishes are inspired by journeys in the nature and travels abroad. His starting points and approaches to the food are singularly characteristic and the flavour combinations rare and unusual. Bone marrow and oyster leaf, snow crab with potato and apple, dove with olives and blueberries… Kristjan Kiho does not restrict himself to pairing the dishes with the perfect wines. Often, he reverses the process. The wine matured in acacia barrels is entirely special and demands an equally special dish. The greatest harmony between the food and the drink is achieved when the bartender Oleg Smirnov enters the kitchen and the food and the drink are prepared together. The Puri Chef’s Side is a restaurant where the skill and labour of three talents are shaped into a perfect harmony of food and drink. In combinations that are unique.