House of Wine

In music, a prelude is a brief preface to a longer work. The Prelude vinotheque is certainly suitable for popping in before –or after – a dinner somewhere else. But first and foremost, itis a restaurant in its own right, a good place to settle down for a dinner or a leisurely wine-tasting session. The close quarters of the dining area are furnished with upcycled furniture. The proprietess Ülle Kiirend might as well live here. She is always around, putting a personal touch on things and taking care of the guests; and if not, she is probably on a journey to discover and bring back new drinks. The wine selection at Prelude is without doubt the best and most interesting at Saaremaa. Estonia’s most famous island rarely hears reproaches; but were we to nitpick, we’d mention that its restaurants’ wine lists can be awfully similar. As such, Prelude is the wine lover’s abode. As for food: make sure to ask about the daily special! Other than the permanent small selection of dishes, Prelude always has a little something extra available. The food has never disappointed. It is islanders’ simple everyday fare. And fresh oysters. With sparkling wine, of course!