Prelude – treasure of Kuressaare

The men of Saaremaa hold homemade beer in high esteem and should they drink anything else, it is the harder stuff. Wine has never been very popular in Saaremaa, if only among women.

Nevertheless, Kuressaare has a wine cellar. Based on the above-mentioned, it is no wonder that it is run by a woman. Wine culture across Estonia is still rather slight, which is why people from all walks of life enjoy a good wine. Every city or settlement in the thousand kilometre radius can be proud of Prelude.

The wines here are fascinating and the accompanying dishes compete successfully with the food of all the restaurants on the island. Not many people visit Prelude when it is not summertime, as proselytising the people of Saaremaa to enjoy wine is a gradual process. Let us help Kuressaare keep its treasure by having a glass of wine at Prelude whenever we are in town.