Rüütli 9 , Tartu 51007
+372 730 5566

The Most Restaurant Restaurant of the Tartu Restaurant Street

Each town has a “restaurant street”. That is: a street with a disproportionately large number of food and drink establishments jostling for space. In Tartu, it is the Rüütli Street: the Knight Street. The name, by the way, is aptly chosen. After all, the restaurant scene in Tartu used to be chivalrously faithful to its dull, staid monotony… The last two years, however, have witnessed a real coup. The entire street has changed. Now, new concepts are springing up left and right. People on the restless street pop out of one place just to step into the next. The Polpo is a place of relative peace in this hullabaloo. A classical restaurant with a modern milieu. A nod to the times: the white tablecloths are gone and the dishes are more fashionable than ever. Estonian-reared sturgeon is smoked on site and, rather delightfully, paired with salted cucumber; beef tartare is served with sauerkraut. Their version of good old Estonian semolina mousse sees the semolina served separately from the mousse. And these are no flashy experiments, but rather well-designed dishes with pure, balanced flavours. The Polpo continues to offer a good old-fashioned restaurant experience to its guests. In this, it is almost alone on Tartu’s restaurant street.