Beer is Estonia’s wine

Põhjala brewery was named among the top 100 in the world. If you are interested to see how world-class beer is made, have a peek into the factory through the dining hall windows. If you fancy a closer look, book a guided tour before or after your meal.

The former shipyard building was transformed into a modern church of beer three years ago. Those not so well-versed in all things beer must be warned, this place is truly treated like a house of worship. The bar staff expect most customers to be familiar with the selection and don’t rush to introduce each beverage. However when asked they can tell you the story behind the creation of each of the beers, which are as interesting as the drinks themselves.

Põhjala beer has had a big role in making Estonian beer culture more rich and diverse. Tap Room’s Texas-style dishes are now doing the same for the food culture. Head chef Michael Jiro Holman previously worked in Sweden’s acclaimed Fäviken. Now in Tallinn, he is taking flavours with rugged backgrounds and developing them into fine-dining worthy creations. Looking around Tap Room you’ll see more women than you would expect, as the desserts are patisserie-quality and there are always numerous beers available that pair well with something sweet. Being a grape-less land, beer has always been Estonia’s wine.