Mäeküla, Paide vald, Järvamaa
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Food: 29/40

Põhjaka has become a real manor

Next year, the restaurant in Põhjaka Manor will turn ten years old. In contrast to many other Estonian manors, the Põhjaka manor house does not have a long and colourful history. The most attention the manor has received throughout its history has been in the past ten years.

The manor was modestly renovated mainly for the purpose of the restaurant but the extent of the manor’s activities has become much wider since. Põhjaka’s own products are sold in supermarkets across Estonia. The story about Põhjaka obtaining the permit to produce its own hard liquor sets an example for everyone about how seemingly impossible goals are actually achievable if you are willing to work for them. Põhjaka has become a real manor.

In all that, we must not forget that we are still talking about one of the best restaurants in Estonia and Põhjaka has not given up that position in the midst of dealing with all of its other activities. Põhjaka has an ability to prepare simple food in an exceptional manner, which is a skill unachievable by many other restaurants whose focus lies on preparing food. Põhjaka’s estate owners definitely deserve our respect!