One Man’s Coffee Shop is Another’s Restaurant

A former pastorate building houses the newest boutique hotel in Pärnu, the Rosenplänter, and the chameleon-like eatery Pastoraat. Chameleon-like, you ask? The morning is spent serving breakfast to hotel guests and town crowd alike: the first half of the day at the Pastoraat is indistinguishable from mornings at any classic cafe. In the afternoon, however, the place morphs into something best described as a cocktail lounge. And when the sun goes down, the Pastoraat becomes a restaurant par excellence. The three functions of the Pastoraat would pass without mention if it were one of the places trying to straddle three chairs without much of a concept. They’re still out there! But the Pastoraat is an outstanding café. Just go ahead and order a cup of coffee and a bread pastry – a rye bun filled with meat and mushrooms, the newest expression of Estonians’ love of black bread. The cocktails at the Pastoraat, dominated by house-made, expertly balanced ingredients, are some of the best in town. But wait for the evening! The menu is short and the ingredients familiar. But even simple grilled chicken shashlik proves that this chameleon ranks up there with the best restaurants in town.