Second Wind of the Old Villa

About a hundred years ago, when this imposing Art Nouveau villa was being designed, a restaurant never crossed the architect’s mind. Therefore, eveninour days, the milieu ishomelike and practical, and the newcomer enters an antechamber with a wardrobe. You leave your coat and slowly notice that the restaurant has been adapted to the layout of the house. The kitchen isin the cellar, the bar in the back room… There are several rooms andin the off-peak hours, when the guests are fewer, you might be able to dine in a separate room and feel like home. But the food is much more complex than a home kitchen can handle. The most characteristic (and homelike) dish is the “Paju Villa” seafood soup ofsalmon, potato, and clams, served inan old tureen. The rest of the menu embodies fashionable and creative, decoratively garnished world cuisine. Try the“Marunaka” beef! A fantaisie inspired by the humble old hamburger (or maybe by sushi?), the entrecote hamburger lies on a pillow of sushi rice, covered in turn with a nori sheet and roasted sesame seeds marinated with Ume plum.