Food Rap

London’s slang has arrived at the idyllic Kadriorg. It is akin to rap music making it to the theatre stage. Unexpected – yet acceptable. Heretofore redolent of coffee and cake, Kadriorg now plays host to an eatery inspired by the eponymous beer. A cannabis-flavoured beer. Which is perfect with “pickled” sardines served on butter-fried sourdough beer or grilled octopus with potatoes. The food here is not unlike rap music. Some would call it plain and steady thumping. Others perceive in it a world of nuance. The same sides turn up in multiple different dishes and plating tends to stay true to a pattern. This is not a place for food photography. It is, however, a place for eating with gusto. Surprisingly enough, the dining hall features many families with small children. They are attracted by OBMJ’s top-of-Kadriorg pizzas. Overall, the restaurant’s food rap is far from criminal or even intimidating. It pleases infants and grandmas alike. And they go for it. Along with the fashion.