From a Marina Restaurant to a Beach Restaurant

The OKO enjoys a long and exalted history. One of Estonia’s all-time best chefs, Tõnis Siigur, quit his position at a five-star hotel to open his own restaurant, far from Tallinn, at the obscure Kaberneeme marina. Undeterred, good food aficionados made their way there in short order. The best Estonian harbour restaurant with its characteristic, interestingly served food gave rise to the successful Siigur Restoranid restaurant group. The OKO itself moved from Kaberneeme to Haabneeme, from the marina to a swimming beach. The desires of the popular beach’s regulars shape the restaurant’s menu. The dishes in the restaurant’s own style are backed up by pizzas, burgers and the inevitable ice cream served in cardboard pots. But the OKO wouldn’t be the OKO without putting its own twist on these three new positions. The pizzas are among the best in town and the truffle pizza in particular attracts visitors from all over the country. The burgers are less talked about, but eagerly eaten. So is the ice cream. The OKO has made a successful transition from a top harbour restaurant to a top beach restaurant. Even so, it remains the same OKO that makes people drive hundreds of kilometres for a meal.