Food: 34/40

Ö takes you on a journey to flavour-ville

Ö is a restaurant that belongs to the top three restaurants in Estonia but holds the lowest profile out of the three. Why is that? Perhaps because Ö is an authentic Estonian restaurant. Wordiness is not a trait appreciated by many Estonians.

Ö tells a story in the language of food rather than anything else. Each of their flavour journeys is an event long awaited by the people keeping up with their everyday activities. The kitchen staff goes on harvesting trips in nature, which attribute authentic and distinctive flavours to the dishes served at the restaurant. The dishes are bound to taste different when their ingredients have been collected by the chefs who prepare them.

There is a lot of talk about the possible extinction of fine dining in the culinary scene. Estonian fine dining is an especially rare breed of it. However, as long as the skilful and vigorous restaurant Ö is in the scene, we can keep on enjoying fine dining. Ö is a special restaurant for special moments.