A cocktail in the sunset

The NOA restaurant is a private box with a perfect view to the vast stage of the sea, framed by the famous silhouette of Tallinn on the background. The sea stages a new play every day and the sunset casts it in inimitable colours. The flavour palette offered by the NOA’s menu is just as vivid. The aquarium with oysters, langoustines and lobsters (currently unique in Tallinn) fits right in. But the NOA is not a seafood restaurant. The dishes come from the land, sea and air in equal proportions. Unagi eel and lamb kebab, duck taco and porcini stroganoff… The ingredients are fresh and seasonal, the dishes plated with ingenuity and experience. The NOA is the number one trend setter and importer of freshest culinary fashions. The latest news is that the NOA’s cocktail card now measures up to the best local cocktail bars. The list of signature cocktails is impressive. Several of them have already earned international awards. A good choice (despite the name) is the Last Word, with Hernö Old Tom Gin, or why not the non-alcoholic Virgin Cuctail of cucumber and apple. The Espresso Tiramisu substitutes for a dessert. A cocktail in the sunset on the terrace of the NOA is a memorable experience.