Food: 27/40

Neikid – food as entertainment

Restaurant Neikid is located in a weathered wooden house right by Hirvepark. The appearance of the old building is deceiving. Inside, there is a trendy restaurant. Considering the name, one should perhaps expect simple and clean food and one of such is actually on the menu – caviar. The plate includes Oscietra Royal caviar, mashed potatoes, an egg, and a shot of vodka.

Most of the other dishes are much more dense and multi-layered. The food in Neikid is rich in components, technically complex, and more than anything else, unpredictable. The food in Neikid is like entertainment on a plate. Go ahead and order the gravlax and you will see what we are talking about.

In spite of the complex yet aesthetically pleasing composition, there is never too much of anything on the plate. The flavours are clean and complement each other. The head chef is a young man who has travelled the world and whose travels have had a great impact on his culinary creations.