Pärnu mnt 209,Tallinn
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Restaurant Musu embraces the people of Nõmme

Even though the residents of the Tallinn Nõmme district are quite wealthy, it has but a few restaurants. Why? There is probably no rational answer to this question. So it is no wonder that the locals are fighting tooth and nail for their new restaurant, as well as taking great pains to visit it. In central Tallinn, customers can simply walk into a restaurant, but this is not recommended for Musu.

The first thing you should do when visiting Musu is go for a short walk around the restaurant. Within a mere ten minutes, you will have a perfect overview of the local scene, and the view from the window of the restaurant once you have finally sat down is almost like a continuation to that.

Musu is most likely popular among the locals for its conservative menu. Changing habits is something unfamiliar to Estonians. Musu feels like home at the first visit, just like a peck from the lady next door on your birthday. The people of Nõmme find adventures away from home.