Not Just a Café

The name of the café (that is not just a café) will confuse those who are not familiar with Estonian quirks. Mosaiik hits the bullseye – this eatery opening to the main square of Kuressaare is indeed a real mosaic. However, itis a lot more than a simple café. Mosaiik is a stylish casual dining restaurant. The confusion harkens back to the time before Estonian re-independence, when everything was strictly graded and categorized. Restaurants were the highest (and finest) category of food establishments. Cafés with their coffee and buns, and perhaps with simple lunches, were next. Last came canteens with their purely practical bent. Even now, some eateries don’t dare to call themselves restaurants for fear of leaving the wrong impression. Do have coffee at Mosaiik Café, it is excellent. More importantly, however, it is their eclectic selection of different drinks and dishes that merits a visit. There is no single theme or leitmotif to the menu, but the result is an exquisitely rich and colorful jumble. Singling out a single dish or drink here would do the others wrong. Mosaiik welcomes you at any time, no matter what you’re looking for, and settling in with a cup of coffee is no skin off the back of those eating their way through the entire scintillating mosaic.