Pärnu Chic

Mon Ami is located in the lower ground floor of the Frost boutique hotel right in the heart of Pärnu. Stepping into the elegant dining room might well set off your subconscious dress code sensor (for those equipped with it). Everything about it hints that this is not a place to come casually, or casually dressed. The sparkling wine list confirms this sense. Cremants and champagnes rather than pedestrian proseccos. The restaurant represents the French-Belgian sense of bon vivant, as it always has. But the main menu is now accompanied by a separate list of vegan dishes. The latter are finally catching on in Estonia, but their quality is slow to improve. The selection at Mon Ami stands out by its thorough composition and a wealth of pure flavours. The carpaccio of slow-roasted red and yellow beets in sage-honey soy sauce tastes fresh, like eaten right at the field. The potato and cauliflower croquettes with cauliflower-Jerusalem artichoke cream, marinated cauliflower and Jerusalem artichoke chips with their many textures suffice for the biggest of appetites. The Mon Ami is chic in food and lifestyle. But each city has its own brand of chic. Visit Mon Ami for a sense of Pärnu’s.