The Boldest of Mixes

Designed in vivid yellows, the Mix is located on the lower ground floor of a Tallinn Old Town hotel. The din of the city center right behind the door seems to be miles away. Summertime guests might want to take note that the backyard has a small, equally quiet garden area. A luxury compared to the noisy restaurant terraces of Tallinn. The owner and head chef of the Mix offers a bold signature kitchen with ingredients sourced from near and far, from Saaremaa to Sakhalin. Hummus on local ryebread chips for a starter, house-brewed lemon liquor for the farewell. And for the main course, why not a dish from wild boar hunted at Saaremaa, paired with particularly strong local mustard that gets the eater sniffly just like spicy Asian dishes do. We recommend the Mix for lunch in particular. They offer a short menu featuring some of the evening dishes with a particularly attractive price.