Viljandi mnt 6/Kalmistu tee 1, Tallinn
+ 372 6313001

A Country House in the Town

The Mimosa is located in an old wooden house with a big backyard in Järve, fairly close to Tallinn city centre. The milieu of the former one-family home and its yard alone makes a visit worthwhile. It is a country house in the city, where the smallest stretch of imagination suffices to envision a gardening grandmother and chickens pecking busily at the lawn. The „grandmother’s kitchen“ offers predominantly traditional Estonian food the way it is mostly eaten in Estonian homes these days. The chicken, for instance, is skilfully fried, crunchy on the top and juicy in the middle. The house speciality are the various mousses, creams and purees offering the entire menu a silky soft texture. The house drink, of course, is the mimosa, made with sparkling wine and freshly pressed orange juice. Don’t leave without trying a house liquor for digestif. They make them well.