Viljandi mnt 6 / Kalmistu tee 1, Tallinn
+372 6 313 001

Mimosa serves colourful food

When life is starting to look a little dull, go to Mimosa – it is just the place to get rid of that feeling. The idyllic wooden house with a small garden at the edge of Tallinn where Mimosa is located has a positive vibe throughout the whole year. In this house, the aperitif that is always available (if desired, even in litres) and the most appropriate is a glass of the golden and bubbly cocktail known as Mimosa.

The menu of Mimosa is not very long but one thing is for certain: their dishes are without a doubt and always colourful. As much as there is colour in these dishes, there is also flavour. Mimosa is a place where people do not even mind travelling far to enjoy the atmosphere of the old wooden house and experience its colourful flavours.

Nowadays, you are more likely to find distinctive dining places in the suburbs of Tallinn than in the city centre. Mimosa is exactly one of such places worth discovering.