Mimino – a bit of Georgia in Jõhvi

There are not many roadside restaurants in Estonia. The most well-known of such is Põhjaka right by the Tallinn-Tartu road. In addition to that, however, there is also a place by the Peterburi road, which is well worth stopping the car for in expectation of some amazing flavours.

This place is a Georgian tavern called Mimino. Although it has a relatively theatrical interior, it serves food that can be taken more than seriously. In terms of drinks, it would probably be better to go there on foot rather than by a motor vehicle. Georgian beer, wine, cognac, and chacha are some incredibly delicious beverages.

The menu comprises the best dishes of Georgian cuisine, from kharcho to Zamtari cake. In fact, we are probably talking about the best Georgian restaurant in Estonia. If that is not a good enough reason to stop by, then what is?