Food Fashion News

The MEKK has been dictating the newest fashion of Estonian cuisine since conscious efforts of updating the national cuisine began. For a long time, the newest fashion was expressed in new techniques. After that, in fusing local flavours with strange and exotic ones. Now, the innovation has come to the point where the chef can hardly function on his own: the cutting-edge trend is developing new products and dishes in collaboration with local farmers. The best flavours of the MEKK shine when you put away the menu and ask about the latest collaborations with the Kolotsi farmstead or the Hõbekala. What are they currently developing and with whom? The Kolotsi farm goat cheese cream, soft and luscious, showcases how different goat cheese is from cow cheese. Whoever prefers to steer clear of cutting-edge trends would do well to try the traditional clear fish soup in a less-than-traditional arrangement. The soup brings together smoked eel, zander, cod liver and trout roe, along with parsley root, coriander and quail egg. Fish soup only becomes uhhaa (that is: fish soup made at home by the fishermen themselves) through the addition of a shot of vodka. At MEKK, the shot is of birch juice brewed vodka. Do not hesitate to ask for the latest news. They will be happy to update you!