Meistri 22, Tallinn
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Meistri Lyon – worthy of its name

Lyon, the café-restaurant located on Meister Street at the edge of Õismäe, proved to be so good that people demanded that the same restaurant be opened in the city centre, in Viru Keskus to be more specific. Despite the fact that there are now two restaurants called Lyon in Tallinn, they are nowhere near identical.

Meistri Lyon is a master of baking. Some days, the line in front of the café counter seems never-ending. It stays that way well into the evening and confuses those who have come there to enjoy the restaurant atmosphere.

The city of Lyon, also the food capital of France, is known for breaking taboos. There, it has become a rule rather than an opportunity that people can eat restaurant food next to the pastry counter. The restaurants located in Tallinn and named Lyon are taking turns in diversifying our culture of dining out. Estonian people will also soon understand and agree that content is more important than form.