Decisions, Decisions

The first decision ambushes you as you arrive. The Meat Market is located on a street corner and has two entrances, one on each street. It has two dining halls with very different atmospheres. You’ve got to pick. Then the menus arrive. Cocktail menu. Drinks list. Butcher’s menu. A la carte menu. Tasting menu. Choose-your-own menu… Even though the menus are generally valid in both of the restaurant’s areas, the atmosphere in the one resembles a traditional restaurant and the other is closer to a lounge. Seven years ago, when the Meat House opened its doors as a steak restaurant and cocktail bar with a special tasting menu, it was too far ahead of its time for Tartu. It spent years trying to find itself, until its concept had come full circle and ended where it had started. But Tartu has come a long way as well, and the concept has found a niche in the town. With good reason, by the way. There are enough interesting cocktails to last you through several visits. The list of meat cuts in the butcher’s menu, cooked to order, is impressively long. You might visit it several times and leave with a new impression every time. And the wealth of choice slowly transmutes into a sincere curiosity for the things as yet untasted.