The Tastes of Kadriorg

Kadriorg Park is among the most beautiful spots in Tallinn. It pays to take time to get to know it. It lays something of an enchantment, what with the architecture, the nature, the weather… Just the taste is missing. But you don’t need to miss out on it. The park and its vicinity host several good restaurants. The charm of the park is best translated into food by the Mantel ja Korsten – the Mantel and the Chimney. A tiny green wooden house, sheltered by several larger ones, might go unnoticed if you don’t know the address. And there is a good reason for the strange name, too. A large part of the small house is taken up by the room with an old-fashioned mantel chimney. It now hosts the restaurant’s private hall, a perfect spot to come with a small group for an atmospheric experience. The general dining hall is accentuated by a dark glazed tile fireplace. The mood it creates is further enhanced by the smooth, warm service. The waiters speak of the food with insight and verve as if it were their own creation. The tastes of Kadriorg on the plate are clear and fresh, bright in the colours and the consistency – like the weather on a plate.
The muscat pumpkin and lentil soup is fluffy like fresh snow and the colour of late autumn leaves, slightly spicy on the taste buds. The Mantel ja Korsten serves up the fancies of Kadriorg’s nature.