Food: 24/40

Mais (“corn”) – restaurant as a stew

Stew is a national food of Estonia. It has no definite recipe and nowadays, is prepared from everything found in the fridge.

If there is one word that describes Mais, it is most certainly “stew”. Corn is not really grown in Saaremaa and as such, it is also not found on the menu. But everything that grows on the island is also used in the kitchen of the restaurant. In terms of appearance, however, the dishes of Mais are occasionally some of the most refined and urban ones in Saaremaa.

Mais is one of the few places on the island that serves champagne in a glass. At the same time, the interior of the restaurant is an ascetic combination of seemingly random elements.

Whatever the situation, Estonians love stew as well as Restaurant Mais. Without this restaurant, Kuressaare would be far more unimpressive.