Pühavaimu 20, Pärnu 80011
+ 372 4425393

Small-Town Idyll

The Mahedik is the main hangout of Pärnu’s ecological food lovers. The chefs set a brilliant example of preparing simple, yet delectable dishes from ecologically grown local produce. The menu always features fresh catch from the Pärnu Bay, served with locally grown vegetables. The zander, fried in butter, is served with Toome Salad (a legendary vegetable preserve found in every local housewife’s pantry). The salad’s cucumbers, onions and carrots are pleasantly toothsome and their clear flavours skilfully preserved. The slightly sour tones take on a deeper aspect when paired with the Tori Cider Farm’s Kuldrenett cider made of the Golden Reinette apple, one of the most common in Estonia. The restaurant’s interiors were updated recently, and off-season afternoons offer the most stylish imaginable small-town idyll. Time is s-l-o-o-o-o-w to go by in the melancholic background music, but the atmosphere is cosy and leaving this bliss nearly inconceivable