Hiiumaa Winter Restaurant

Life in the peripheral areas and on the small islands of Estonia seems harsh. So harsh that there is hardly any life left there after summer fades away. There are no tourists and locals don’t eat out. While in some places local craft beer production has managed to liven up the local life, in Hiiumaa even that has not helped. Therefore, it is good to know that between October and April, there is only one place on the island which offers truly recommendable food. Linnumäe is a small farm house right at the edge of the island’s capital, Kärdla. The restaurant offers simple homely food made from local island produce, mostly by the means of a grill or a smoking oven. The bulk of the menu is made up of chicken and pork and whatever fish is in season, along with local vegetables. Out-of-season Hiiumaa with simple honest food at Linnumäe is an experience worth trying.