La Bottega makes Italians out of Estonians

The whole world is full of Italian restaurants. The only competitor to Italian food is Italian food itself. There are unbelievably many providers mucking up simple food and then offering it under the umbrella of Italian cuisine, said Italian Cuisine Ambassador Massimo Bottura, executive chef at currently the best restaurant in the world Osteria Francescana, during his visit to Tallinn.

But Tallinn has been lucky because we have quite a few good Italian restaurants. One such is definitely La Bottega. Its long-term executive chef and current patron Nicolo Tanda is a role model in Italian cuisine in Nordic countries. La Bottega offers simple Sardinian food. The kind of food that was prepared by Nicolo’s grandmother.

The dishes include only two or three components and no complex culinary techniques are used in the kitchen. Despite that, the food is so good that the restaurant has had a steady customer base since its opening.

This place makes Italians out of Estonians. They take time to eat and enjoy it. Try the sardines, for example, and you will understand why.