Kukeke is full of variety

Kukeke is a restaurant, which has been in the Telliskivi Creative City for the longest, but is overshadowed by many other restaurants in the area. That is mainly because Kukeke is not vain enough. Others are constantly putting in work to stay relevant but Kukeke does nothing. It just exists.

Interestingly enough, what makes others weak, is Kukeke’s forte. Take the menu. It is as though it is trying to offer something for everybody. It has no clear differentiation. If one were to try all of the dishes on the menu one after another, they would realise that Kukeke is all about, which is exactly what makes it special.

At Kukeke, every dish is delicious. Every person can find something to eat, which means its clientele is as diverse as its menu. And once you have been to Kukeke, you will not need to be invited back – you will find the way back on your own. That is what Kukeke is about!