Korsten, Armastus ja Hea Toit

Food: 26/40

Korsten, Armastus ja Hea Toit (“Chimney, Love, and Good Food”) – a restaurant seen from afar

No other restaurant in Estonia has such an eye catcher as this chimney. Right by the chimney, visitors are welcomed by a rendezvous place with a striking interior. Exactly, it is a place for spending your free time.

The menu of the restaurant brings to mind an Estonian proverb – a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. However, once you have satisfied your hunger a bit, you will notice the various drinks presented distinctively within the interior. The cocktail and wine list has been compiled by the savviest of people in Estonia. If you start from the beginning to try everything interesting, you will be there for quite a while.

Korsten, Armastus ja Hea Toit is a daily restaurant. People who often dine out are immediately able to comprehend everything before their eyes. A less frequent visitor may need some more time to feel settled in the restaurant.