Food: 26/40

Korsaar is an over-the-top restaurant

Over-the-top restaurants are becoming one of the assets of Tallinn. These are the restaurants where the interior is so loud and screaming for attention that at times, the food might be forgotten and get cold on the table before it is eaten. Such restaurants include Manna La Roosa and Tai Boh, which are located in the wooden building right by the Viru Square where Oskar Luts wrote his novel “Kevade” (“Spring”). The first of such restaurants was, however, Korsaar. It is a restaurant that transports people into a fantasy world often imagined by little boys – a pirate cave.

The decorations at the restaurant are particularly amazing. Even so that for a long time, people did not come to realise that the food offered there is just as spectacular. It is only now, when the concept of the restaurant has been successfully copied by Russia that people are beginning to understand it.

The so-called pirate dishes include a lot of exotic fruits, seafood, and meat. Right by the food theatre, there is also an open kitchen. If you were to observe even a little of what happens behind that counter, you would realise that food is not something to play with at Korsaar. Instead, it is made with such seriousness that would be difficult to mimic.