Kopli restaurant and hall is a new age culture house

In the past, culture houses were mainly used as meeting places. Nowadays, they no longer exist but the need for people to get together remains. In Kopli, one of Tallinn’s districts, people are given a chance to do this at the Kopli restaurant and hall. The hall is a peculiar combination of a meeting room, a dining hall, and a junk shop.

The restaurant is simple but fits into the district like a glove. The menu leaves us with an impression that it is a list of dishes that people love to eat often. Be that at home or outside of it. The restaurant is a place for locals to meet up and feel themselves at home. The owners also have another diner called Tops, which is exactly the same.
The Kopli restaurant is usually either full or empty. Whichever it is, the restaurant depicts the local way of life the best it could. This is exactly why you should visit the Kopli restaurant and hall.