Food: 27/40

Konrad shows the bohemian side of Tallinn

Restaurant Konrad was named after Konrad Mägi who is considered the most talented Estonian painter of all times. He was an extremely productive artist who led a hectic life. He loved to paint nature (of its homeland) but he was constantly reworking his paintings as a result of emerging new trends. Looking at the menu of Konrad, you will be shocked – it includes shabu-shabu, foie gras, pasta, and burgers. You will also see that they have incorporated all kinds of crumbs, mousses, and oils into their dishes, as well as raw ingredients, such as octopus and horsemeat.

However, if you dare to stick around, you will discover that the dishes are actually much more orderly and thought-out than what you might have expected when looking at the menu. The creamy wild mushroom soup consists of two kinds of creams (potato and mushroom) that have been artistically presented on the plate. The soup smells delicious and the different colours of the creams look striking alongside each other. At Konrad, black bread has been replaced with mushroom sponge, which is extremely fluffy and soft. Mushroom crumbs give some additional texture to the cream.

The view from the spacious restaurant windows opens wide to the most beautiful square in Tallinn. The atmosphere of the restaurant is slightly bohemian yet highly sophisticated. The contrasting flavours that sound unbelievable on paper actually melt together in your mouth and fit the atmosphere of the restaurant surprisingly well.