Koma Pühaste õlleresto

An Encyclopedia of Beer and Food

Far from the comma as Estonians might mistakenly think, the name of the Koma is a portmanteau of two meaningful words: “kogutud” – collected – and “maitsed” – flavours. And the Koma has, indeed, become Tallinn’s go-to for collecting (new) flavours. The good old chicken pâté served over bread is a grade silkier, its flavour more pronounced, than you’re likely to find elsewhere. The compendium of flavours on the dessert list hardly ever features sweet. The kitchen of the head chef Daanius Aas is among the most original in Estonia. The dishes pair well with the beers and beer cocktails provided by the Pühaste Beer Restaurant, some their own, some others’. The cocktails, mixed by Steffi Künnapu, keep up with the head chef’s work and are often as feminine as a beer cocktail can be. Therefore, women are as attracted to the Koma as men are – if not more so. The pairings of food and beer are modern and elegant and come in small, yet flavourful portions.