Just Linger Longer

The plain small house at a crossroads near the center of Tallinn sets our expectations low. Buildings like this tend to offer equally plain food. But stepping over the threshold reveals something unexpected. The place is filled to the brim with other good restaurants’ staff. This is where they like to spends their evenings off. And you might spot a well-known foodie or a few in the crowd. The Kolm Sibulat (Three Onions) is a place to keep returning to. It is a favourite haunt of local foodies – unless the opening of a new restaurant has drawn them away. The food at the Kolm Sibulat is a peculiar blend of Asian and Nordic food cultures, with noodles particularly prized and coriander used with a heavy hand. The menu is accompanied by a separate drinks list (we recommend their signature G&Ts and house liquors). The service is ready, willing and able to tell about the background of each dish, and often quicker than those who have come to while away their time would really prefer. Don’t be deceived by the humble building nor the ever-hurried eaters in other tables. The Kolm Sibulat is a place to linger longer.