Food: 27/40

Three not bitter onions

Kolm Sibulat (Three Onions) is a food lover’s heaven. They offer simple yet exceptionally tasty foods and a drink list that is getting more exciting each day. However, all of this is so reasonably priced that you might want to visit the restaurant again sooner than you might think. So, let us have some sweet onions, then?

Yet, real onions need to taste at least slightly bitter. Kolm Sibulat taste bitter only for its competitors, who do not often understand how it is possible that a restaurant as simple as Kolm Sibulat can be rated much higher than more exquisite and ambitious restaurants out there.

Cooking delicious yet simple dishes is most difficult. Big ambitions and high self-esteem are not ingredients – often all they do is ruin the food. Less bitterness – this seems to be the motto of Kolm Sibulat.