The Wizards of the Stone Oven

The Kärme Küülik – Rapid Rabbit – is a unique restaurant. Every single one of its hot dishes is cooked in a wood-heated stone oven. Over the years, the skill of preparing food on live fire has evolved to a level where calling the restaurant employees the Wizards of the Stone Oven is a modesty rather than an exaggeration. Guests are first served a small basket of focaccia bread, slightly salty and all juicy with olive oil, which makes it all too easy to forget the upcoming meal. The creamy tomato soup with Halloumi cheese from Tubri Farm is boiled in a soup bowl in the very same oven and brought to the table steaming hot. As is the homely custom in Estonia, all the dishes are served at once and the abundance is then enjoyed until not another crumb can fit. To live up to its name, the restaurant also serves dishes of rabbit meat. And not just meat. The chef’s skill with offal dishes is unrivalled in all Estonia. The hosts love to go on wine trips and every trip brings something new to the restaurant’s wine list. The Rapid Rabbit is a family restaurant where the owners are the main work force in the dining hall.