Küülik (“rabbit”) has found its place

For several years, the restaurant Küülik resided in Tallinn until it decided to move to Haapsalu. This was the right thing to do. It was as if Haapsalu had been waiting for this restaurant. The residents and visitors of the town were more than happy to welcome Küülik since day one.

Küülik is a unique restaurant for one thing. You can taste its food even before you have taken the first bite of your first meal! How so? Every visitor is first treated to a fresh oven-baked focaccia, which could be all that is offered, as it is so good.

The food at Küülik is homely. As indicated by the name, there is always something prepared from rabbit meat on the menu. The restaurant also stands out for its interesting and frequently growing selection of drinks.

Haapsalu is the perfect place for this restaurant. Now, this town has at least two restaurants that make it worth visiting.