Oysters and sparkling wine. Burgers and beer

These are the two reasons to visit the Kampus. Rather different, not to say cardinal opposites, and still… The Kampus is a fresh breath of wind in the food culture of the university town – one that does honour to the town’s image. Oysters and champagne share tables with burgers and beer, and get along rather nicely at that. The Head Chef’s Corner, helmed by the young talent Ken Trahv, serves food that is slow and fast at once; the stand offering bowls dear to the hearts of Tartu’s health food aficionados stands immediately next to it. The ends of the L-shaped counter host Estonia’s most popular burger restaurant chain, the Uulits, and a cocktail bar.
Estonia’s national food is a hotpot stew made by boiling all the odds and ends in the fridge in the same pot. The Kampus is the hotpot of restaurants. A bad stew fuses its ingredients into a single terrible tang. A good one, however, presents each of them in the best possible light. In this sense, the Kampus is a perfect, finely tuned stew, with nothing random about it.