Whisked Straight to the Table from a Fisherman’s Boat

That one simple sentence reveals the secret of the Kuressaare Kuursaal (also called KuKuu) restaurant. In recent years, the Baltic Sea has been shifty and it’s hard to be sure of a good catch, but we still always get at least something. From that ‘something’, Toomas Leedu, the Chef of the Kuursaal restaurant, gets to take the first pick and therefore the restaurant’s main menu is always complemented by a separate daily fresh fish menu. On the worst days, the menu consists of two lines, but it’s always there. The fish are simply baked in the oven or fried in a pan, and served with seasonal garden produce. You can’t get much simpler than that. But not much tastier either. Making simple dishes exceptionally tasty is an art in itself and the Kuursaal restaurant has mastered that art. This year, a cocktail selection has been added to the drinks menu, and there is a new cocktail bar – the Lab – right next to the restaurant. The signature cocktails are definitely worth trying, as these also contain ingredients grown on the island and prepared on the spot.