Kalamajakas restaurant was long awaited

It took a long time for the Kalamajakas store and restaurant to open. However, the wait was worth it. It is now possible to buy the kinds of fresh seafood and fish from Tabasalu that are not sold anywhere else. What is more, the chef will show you exactly how to prepare the fish at the restaurant.

Have you ever heard of fish, such as the red gurnard, European pollock, and wels catfish? Jaanus Krass, Head Chef at Kalamajakas, is a true fish lover. His most valuable trait is the ability to create inspiring dishes from well-known, as well as a little less known fish. Each bite will enrich the palate of the customer.

It does not really matter that Kalamajakas is located just a little outside the city. The customer friendly prices and new taste experiences compensate entirely for the price of the cab ride to and from Kalamajakas.