The Kalamajakas Shows the Way

Loosely translated as the Fisherman’s Beacon, the Pärnu Kalamajakas (a fish shop and restaurant at the Pärnu Market) shows the way to new and interesting harbours. Salmon, generally ubiquitous in Estonia’s fish markets, makes an unsurprising appearance. More surprising, however, are its pale hue and steep price. This is non-GMO eco-salmon freshly caught at the Faroe Islands. The restaurant serves it raw, slightly salted; this is indeed the best way to eat it to revive and safeguard the memory of the pure flavour of the fish. A new piece of equipment is merrily bubbling away in the corner. Its task: tuning the living environment of the restaurant’s oysters. Oysters as fresh and salmon as pure are currently found only at the Kalamajakas, full stop; a scant few other places are expected to join the list over time. And thus, the Kalamajakas’ place as the beacon for Estonia’s fresh fish and seafood restaurants is confirmed. Their reputation as the best retailer of local fish is equally well deserved.